Friday, 22 August 2008


I wanted to do a post on traditinal Malay houses for a long time. Always made from wood and high above the ground and these photos were taken during my Kuching trip. FYI, the Malays are the largest ethnic group in Malaysia..I think at least 65% of the total population.

I love the lattice work on the window.

Interior of the house. Most traditional kampung (village) houses have lots of large windows to allow breezy air and surrounded with coconuts and other trees.

This is Congkak..a traditional local game. I have never play it, will have to learn from my children one day.

My favourite picture, Malay ladies making traditional kuehs (cakes). Here seen making kueh kapit and bahulu, a must have during our Eid festival or for tea anytime. Here seen made the traditional way, using charcoal fact, I don't even think it can be made with the oven.

A lady singing the drum song, the yellow wedding dais (yellow is the royal colour here, always used by our Sultans and King)and the bunga mangga - a shiny and colourful handmade flower used in all Malay weddings.

A close up of the 'tempat bersanding' or wedding dais. It is common practise for the bride and groom to sit on this and guests will go over to give their blessings.

Speaking of wedding, I am off to a Malay wedding this weekend at Malacca. You can go here to view my previous post on Malacca.

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet

There are many beautiful mosques everywhere. These pictures were taken from the Sultan Abdul Samad mosque, near our Kuala Lumpur International airport..and my office.

Place of ablution within mosque compound.

Inside the mosque.

Well, salam to all and have a great weekend :D