Monday, 4 August 2008


I am often frustrated whenever I want to buy handicrafts and souveniers for friends here. There's a handicraft shop in KL city but that's far away and I don't even know where it is, or the closest, at our Central Market at KL. A trip to any local market or shopping malls is hardly successful. In short, we've got tons of local handicraft, just not easily accessible for everyone. So I was really happy to be in Kuching, it's truly a handicraft heaven! Tons of handmade products and surprisingly, many not available at West Malaysia, what a shame! Here's a collection of some of the handicrafts available in Kuching.

Lots of different masks from the natives.

Close up of another mask.

Beautiful pottery which Sarawak is well known for.

This was my favourite, it has a headhunter shooting darts on his blowpipe, a reminder of their local life and their primitive way of hunting animals.

I bought this pot/vase which weighted 5 kgs and lugged it around the airport as I didn't want it to be broken. My husband thought I was crazy, well..I am, when it comes to shopping!! It has the carving of the hornbill, Sarawak's national bird and Sarawak is known as the Land of the Hornbill officially.

If you are up for tattoos and interested in their local natives design, here's one. The Ibans are well known for their tattoos of ethnic designs worldwide.

Beadings! Intricate, beautiful and very colourful beadings everywhere and of every type. This is a backpack of the Bidayuh clan.

This is a beading from the Ibans, worn over the shoulder, I can just imagine myself going to the office in this..or even better for a business meeting overseas!!

Wooden carvings from the natives.

Cats carvings made with wood and all other materials. Kuching means Cat (in Malay) city.

A warrior's shield.

Another intersting wooden and decorated idea what it is for.

Another well known Sarawak product, weaving of all sorts, bags, mats, purses, trays..everything! This one was taken from the Bidayuh longhouse.

More handicrafts by the Bidayuh men at the Annah Rais longhouse.

The well known Sarawak pepper, seen here in the longhouse.

A local and much coveted delicacy by the Chinese which is very expensive and sold by the grams. It is supposed to have many healing properties, made from the swiflets' saliva and needed to be collected by specialist in certain caves, and I am sure this is what you will buy when you are there :D

Finally, no trip to Sarawak is complete without buying the pua kumbu, a locally weaved cloth which is hung in houses. This one was taken from an Iban longhouse.

A big thank you for my wonderful quilter friend, Eileen of Eileen's Attic for this award :D

I'd like to share this picture, taken from the Chinese Museum in Kuching. As usual, pictures were forbidden but I snap it anyway. It's a chair and normally it comes with poles by the side, sort of like a carriage. Used to carry high ranking officials in ancient China and here, to ferry the bride during a Chinese wedding ages ago. I should have rented one during my wedding then....

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Have a wonderful week ahead and see you all again during this week's Shadow Shot Sunday, which will be done earlier by me (sorry Tracy) but I much prefer to get it done in the office than my slower-than-snail-PC @ home during the weekends.. probably won't be around this weekend as well. Oh yes Tracy, while you're grumbling about the cold in Brisbane, it's extremely hot and humid here and I am wishing to go to the mountains for the cool air.