Saturday, 30 August 2008


SSS with Hey Harriet.
From the Flower and Landscape Exibition.

Leaf motifs (left) and mini walk-way lined with coconut shells (right).

Have a great weekend everybody :D

Thursday, 28 August 2008

We were at our local mall shopping and the children got excited when they saw these Chinese lanterns! It's our Mooncake or Mid Autumn Festival, a time for family gathering, eating and for the children, parading around the house, garden and street with these lanterns at nigh. BTW, we always celebrate according to the Chinese calendar and the different seasons in China, for eg. Spring festival and now Autumn festival, but make no mistake, it's only 365 summer holidays over here..with some rain or monsoon season thrown in!

Paper lanterns, courtesy of Mooncake festival

More lanterns picture, courtesy of Mid-Autumn joy for the children

My favourite lantern picture of the Rafflesia and monkey cup plant. The Rafflesia (in red) is the largest flower in the world, measuring up to 3 feet ..and it's here in the Borneo.

The mooncake pictures courtesy of The Baker's Cottage. Sweet dessert with endless varieties of fillings. Click on the link to see the different fillings and others too.

All mooncake comes in beautiful box.

Another close up of a mooncake with the double happiness sign, courtesy of mooncake...too yummy!

Of course there's a story behind the festival, we'll talk about that another time :D

I would like to thank Darla of Bay side to mountain side for sending me her blue poms poms, the kids and I will have lots of fun making something this weekend :D

The wonderful Debbie of Heart to Art for her wonderful postcards and handmade greeting cards :D

This weekend, Malaysia will celebrate it's 51st Merdeka Day or Independence Day with Monday a public holiday. We will be busy going to the Malay wedding and buying lanterns for the children. Should be interesting to see the malls decorated with lanterns before the it changes for our Ramadhan or Eid festival in 1st October 2008. NIn fact the next few months will be very colourful, after the Ramadhan, we have Deepavali for the Indians - celebration of lights. Yes, there's plenty to celebrate here in Malaysia with our 3 main ethnic groups, Malay, Chinese and Indians with own religious and cultural festivals. 3 New year holidays, one on the 1st January, the Chinese New year and the Muslim New year, individual state's Sultan's birthday, King's birthday and others...lots of eating, visiting and a public holiday for all ;p

Cheers and see you again during Shadow Shot Sunday..

Monday, 25 August 2008


We went to a Malay wedding last week and hope everyone enjoy the following pictures. We missed the 'berinai' session where the bride had her henna sessions on hands and feet, and the solemnisation of the actual marriage at the mosque. Both done on two different days and was a huge celebration too. Wedding was at bride's home.

Emilea, Elissa and me on the way to the wedding. We are wearing the traditonal Malay dress, the 'baju kurung', which is worn by all Malaysians. Here, I am taking up Annette's challenge to post a pic of me..wrinkles, warts and all hahaha :D

Weddings can be held in hotels, communal halls or here, under a big tent infront of the bride's house.

The bride waiting patiently for her groom.

The 'rebana' (tradtional drum) group that accompanied the groom's family.

Arrival of the groom and his family.

The happy couple during the 'bersanding' session. Bersanding is where the bride and groom sit on a platform and wedding guest gives their blessings. They have chosen gold and yellow as their theme, but it could be in any other colour one fancy.

There's a saying here, the couple will be 'raja sehari' or king/queen for a day on his/her wedding day.

The 'bunga telur', a direct translation would be 'egg flower', where hard boiled eggs are wrapped in decoration and given to anyone who blesses the happy couple.

I like this picture, henna on the bride's hands.

The 'hantaran' or wedding gifts from both side of the families.

Ah..for those not local or familiar with the customs here, if you go to a Malay wedding or function and see one of these teapots, please don't pour the contents into your glass. It's for washing hands :D

The blessing tray, uncooked yellow rice, cut pandanus and roses to sprinkle on the happy couple hands.

For desserts, 'tapai' was served, made from fermented rice.

These pretty girls were handing out little presents to all guests who came.

A collage of the giveaway. Mini potpourris and hard boiled egg in a leaf-woven mini boxes (red).

The wedding is not over yet. This weekend we will attend the same wedding at a different location and will be hosted by the groom's side. Sigh..more food to chow on, but no chicken feet or parts and I'll try to snap those foodie pics.

Have a great week ahead.

Friday, 22 August 2008


I wanted to do a post on traditinal Malay houses for a long time. Always made from wood and high above the ground and these photos were taken during my Kuching trip. FYI, the Malays are the largest ethnic group in Malaysia..I think at least 65% of the total population.

I love the lattice work on the window.

Interior of the house. Most traditional kampung (village) houses have lots of large windows to allow breezy air and surrounded with coconuts and other trees.

This is Congkak..a traditional local game. I have never play it, will have to learn from my children one day.

My favourite picture, Malay ladies making traditional kuehs (cakes). Here seen making kueh kapit and bahulu, a must have during our Eid festival or for tea anytime. Here seen made the traditional way, using charcoal fact, I don't even think it can be made with the oven.

A lady singing the drum song, the yellow wedding dais (yellow is the royal colour here, always used by our Sultans and King)and the bunga mangga - a shiny and colourful handmade flower used in all Malay weddings.

A close up of the 'tempat bersanding' or wedding dais. It is common practise for the bride and groom to sit on this and guests will go over to give their blessings.

Speaking of wedding, I am off to a Malay wedding this weekend at Malacca. You can go here to view my previous post on Malacca.

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet

There are many beautiful mosques everywhere. These pictures were taken from the Sultan Abdul Samad mosque, near our Kuala Lumpur International airport..and my office.

Place of ablution within mosque compound.

Inside the mosque.

Well, salam to all and have a great weekend :D

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Pasar malam means night market in Malay, normally starting in the late afternoon. Pasar malam are available everywhere and these pictures were taken in Kuching, but it's the same if we see them over here at KL as well.

Fruits: pineapples, buah salak, guava and jackfruit.

Food: pancakes with nuts, malay cakes, nyonya kuehs/cakes and fried noodles

Top: sugar cane extractor, bottom: and satay which is common all over Malaysia but I am seeing these for the first time, all chicken parts..I won't name them for your sake..

More handicrafts, handmade bamboo leaves handbags and pua kumbu (top).

This is a miniature dragon fruit tree. The plant is about 1 feet in height, in comparison to the normal tree which is at between 5 to 6 feet tall. Trust me, I was very tempted to buy it!

These pictures are for my furry friends, Diana of The Qi Papers, Christine of Welcome to Sam's Place! and Furrybutts, and everyone else of course :D Our rabbits have 2 sets of cages, one in the porch and another in the garden. Needless to say, they are happiest when in the garden..but no more free roaming!

Our love-bunnies, Maskara and Peter Rabbit, my husband is not going to be happy when he sees the hole they dug.

The big as the other rabbits!

Our lops, Lucille and Belle, recovering from an ear infection at the moment.

Emilea (my eldest) said: Mummy, these rabbits eat, poop and look cute all day. Other than that, they don't contribute anything else.
Mummy said: Just like you, darling :D

Finally, I want to thank Melanie of jellybeanangel for allowing me to use this in my sidebar. The words says it all.

Have a great week everyone :D