Wednesday, 23 July 2008


We had dinner at the Shogun Japanese Restaurant last weekend. It has a spread of more than 200 Japanese and local food, but as usual, taking photos of the food was not allowed but I managed to snap a few.

Their special of the week..though I can't say it was so good, the meat was so tough I thought I was chewing on tree bark !

The name Shogun means General or officer of high ranking, they were practically the ruler most of the time from 1192 to 1868 in Japan. These 2 photos were taken inside the restaurant and gives an idea of their attire.

An interesting wall hanging depicting village life in ancient Japan.

Most Japanese food, sushi, sashimi, tempura etc., are available everywhere and looks pretty same. I only took these 2 pictures of interest. This is century egg, a well known Chinese cuisine actually and I am not sure if it's eaten outside Asia. It's duck eggs, preserved in clay, ash, salt, lime and rice for weeks and months, turning in black. It's eaten with lots of ginger and trust me, it's not for everyone :D

..I am sure that if you were here, you'll not want to miss this dish. It's Chinese, and it's braised chicken feet with mushroom! Just don't think of the them uncooked or the chickens running around hahaha!!

Ciao for now and I am off for my trip to Kuching tommorow and back this Sunday. The land of the 'headhunters'..well a long time ago, but I am convinced that they have given up this practise. Otherwise, if I am not back next week, you know what happened to me :D