Friday, 4 July 2008


I was on a short businees trip to Penang Island this mid-week. Penang, also known as the Pearl of the Orient, famous for it's beaches and a food haven for the locals. On an island, but I didn't even have the chance to go to the beach. So many things to see but no time. I only managed to pop over this famous
Snake Temple which was next to a place of appointment.

There used to be hundreds of snakes in this temple, but now, there's only a few inside the temple.

Details of the roof, always decorated with dragons and pointed upwards.

Huge joss stick holder.

Bright and 6 foot tall joss sticks, more paper cuttings and batik painting.

..ahh..coconut drink and jackfruit for lunch :)

A trip to the night market next to the beach was a dissapointment. Tons of things to buy but almost all are not local handicrafts, mainly from Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. The only thing that caught my interest was this shop, selling hand painted T-Shirts and paintings.

For a small fee, I got Mr Setor to write and translate some English names into Chinese. I asked for his contact and guess what, he has a blog!

Stayed at the stylish new business hotel, The G Hotel (sorry, couldn't link it). Spacious room and very contemporary, if you don't need the beach, this is the perfect place to stay!

At home, in a desperate bid to induce flowers from my lotus, I put in 5 tablets of fertilizer (the instruction was only 1), and got lots of leaves but no flower.. yet! Unlike other type of flowers, not a single drop of water can stay on a lotus leaf, so I love this shot of droplets at the edge of this leaf.

I know I am way ahead of Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet, but I won't be around this weekend, so here's my shot. Picture of bridge to Penang Port, taken from the car.

Do pop over to Clara at Blooms unite to see her wonderful knots.
Happy weekend everyone :D