Monday, 21 July 2008

Blogging has been a wonderful experience, from learning something new everyday to getting to know the blog owner. I would like to thank all my wonderful friends everywhere for their friendship, and especially my beautiful friend, Melanie of jellybeanangel from Southport, England for sending me these:
Lavendars from her garden with vintage cloth.

I wrote and thank her for this 'doll' silly of me, which was a robin that Melanie knitted herself, great Xmas ornament.

..and a big THANK YOU for this quilt, handmade by Melanie for me :D

My dear husband is on a 'landscaping' mood for our garden, so off we went to a landscaping and flower exhibition at the Lake Gardens, KL. I hope you don't mind this overdose of Orchids, a flower that I've given up planting since they are costly and never bloom under my care.

Below left is the 'monkey cup' or 'tropical pitcher plant'. It serves as a trap for small insects which flies in for nectar and will remain as the plant's food.

The 'Misai Kuching', translated means cat's whiskers, a local herb used locally here.

Rice paddy on a menkuang tray, my children are seeing this for the first time.

The fern - 'tanduk rusa', translated means deer's antlers.

At home, the 'overdosing' of fertilizer worked :D .. my lotus finally bloomed. It is my favourite flower and it's that what my mom calls me. No, I am not called LOTUS @ home, but my Chinese name and meaning is lotus, the only chinese character that I could write.

Happy week ahead :D