Wednesday, 16 July 2008


When I think of Batik, it always reminded me of my Grandma's batik sarong. She was a 2nd generation Chinese from China, born in Penang and a typical Nyonya lady. Batiks are worn mainly by local Malays and the Nyonyas, whom were Chinese by birth but adopted the Malay tradition and culture. She and my grandfather wore the sarong all day long, even my dad used to wear them at times. When I got married, I was given so many batiks but I've never worn them before. Nowadays, Batiks have certainly gone through a major transformation and here's a peek of what it has evolved into:

Courtesy fromThe Mines Batik Arts & Crafts Festival

Courtesy of KLIB-Kuala Lumpur International BatikThe Mines Batik Arts & Crafts Festival

Courtesy of STAR

I never imagined that Batik could even be this beautiful and dramatic!

Courtesy of Flair and drama - CloveTWO

Above collection is from Tom Abang Saufi.

I would like to thank both Liv and Twiggypeasticks for the following awards.

Take care and till we blog again :D