Thursday, 10 July 2008


Banteay Srey or "The Citadel of Woman or Beauty" is well known as a precious gem or jewel of Khmer art.

It was built by a royal Brahmin, Yagnavaraha (944 - 968) and the guru of King Jayavarman V (968-1000.

Completed in the 10th century and well known for it's intricate decorations carved in pink sandstone.

Is was the smallest temple and according to inscriptions, the local called it as Isvarapura.

Here we see Cambodian art at it's finest, with Elephants used widely in Hindu architechture, not only in Cambodia but everywhere else.

In all Cambodian temples, most walls are surrounded by balustrade and Banteay Srey's was the nicest because of both design and colour.

Don't you just love this door and their carvings!

Outside Banteay Srey, lots of things to shop.

When I saw this header at Banteay Srey, Cambodia, it reminded me of...

..this Sri Nagara Indian temple near my town, always intricate in carvings with lots of devatas and the main temple (at background) is built high, all typical Hindu architechture. Of course, the local ones here are very colourful but then Banteay Srey is 1000 years old.

A stop by the roadside to buy some souveniers and despite their hardship, Cambodians were very friendly and obliging people. Here an entire family smilling and posing for me..won't find it here, well, I won't pose for any strangers anyway.

A million thanks to Marja of DUTCHCORNER for this award. I'd like to pass it on to Elizabeth of The House in Marrakesh, she was one of the few bloggers I knew much earlier and her blog is definitely a super-blog. Thanks Elizabeth for inspiring me and many others.

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