Monday, 23 June 2008

There are many hotels here, from back packer to the 6th star, Pangkor Laut @ Pangkor Island where Joan Collins and Pavarotti stayed, or the Four Seasons in Langkawi. However, for visitors who would like to have a taste of local life, specifically a typical Malay chalet in wood, then Bon Ton Resort will be the perfect resort. Pictures are all courtesy of : Bon Ton Resort and Restaurant, Langkawi.

The SILKROOM suite and it's verandah. Typical kampong/village Malay houses with the mosquito nettings, long windows and mengkuang (a tough local leaf) weaving on the wall and roof (see bathroom).

The YELLOW ORCHID suite and it's outdoor tub. Bathing under the sun and coconut trees sure is fun :) That ladder serves as a towel holder, you don't need to climb in :D

The CAHAYA chalet/suite with plenty of coconut trees surounding. Would be nice to have a drink outside (minus the laptop of course) and I love that bathroom.

..and read about Sharon Leece's book on China Style at China Style Queen. Here's a peek into the featured houses in China (pictures are all courtesy of China Style Queen).
I love the lattice work and typical Chinese furniture.

My favourite! Retro Chinese style of the CHINA CLUB in Hong Kong which opened in the 1990s.

I would like to apologise for a few of my wonderful blog-friends for not doing the tags in the past, I have missed too many...sorry :P I am doing a tag from Flower as I think it's a duplication of a previous one.

What were you doing ten years ago?
Extremely busy in our then chaotic home, my eldest daughter Emilea turned 1, and the second, Elissa was born.

Five thing on your to-do list:
1. Go to Kuala Lumpur - again, for another meeting.
2. Go to my daughter's school to collect their report card :(
3. Buy flowers for the garden.
4. Plan for dinner with customers this week.
5. Try to read those never ending business emails.

Five Snacks you enjoy:
1. Fruits
2. Chocolate
3. Kit Kats
4. Nyonya kuehs/cakes
5. All sort of nuts

Things you'd do if you were a millionaire:
1. Travel round the world (who wouldn't?)
2. Sponsor some children for as long as I can afford in Cambodia.
3. Charities to homes in Malaysia.
4. Contribute to the Cancer research society.
5. Share..

Places I've Lived:
Only Malaysia.

Go to Margaret's blog at The Earthly Paradise to see her trip to COLOMBIA :)

Cheers and have a wonderful week ahead :D