Sunday, 1 June 2008


The above header feature the Summer Palace, Beijing, courtesy of my favourite photographer in China - Mr Dong Songtao of color inspiration, used with permission. Xie Xie, Mr Song and I will take you offer to be my guide when I am in Beijing.

I am suppose to go to Shanghai next month for a meeting. A month ago we read in the news that only those with proper accomodation will be issued visa in view of their Olympics celebration. Two weeks ago, the bad news came. The entire delegation for this meeting was not issued any visa, thus the venue had to be changed to Hong Kong. I assume this is all because of the Olympics and their strict control of visitors to China. However, a trip to China is for sure, maybe after the Olympics, but not to Shanghai, I am practically dying to go to Beijing to see the Great Wall of China and to see this!!

The Summer Palace in Beijing is the largest imperial garden in the world. It is a veritable museum of classical Chinese garden architecture. The initial construction of the Summer Palace began in 1750, commissioned by Emperor Qinglong as a gift for his mother's birthday. The construction took 15 years to complete. The plundering of foreign troops in 1860 destroyed most of the buildings, but they were renovated in 1888 by Empress Dowager Cixi.

The Summer Palace during summer.

The Summer Palace during winter.

As everyone know, an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude struck in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, China on the 12th May 2008. The latest statistics show more than 68,000 died, more than 18,000 missing and millions displaced. It reminded me on how mother nature strikes back, therefore, I light some candles for the unnecessary death, losses, pain and grievances suffered by the Chinese people during this difficult times.

..and I've finally done it! Locked up the children's gameboy and PSP and did something together, inspired by Gina's blog :), here's one of our rabbits with a lantern made by the Emi. BTW, one the rabbits, Ashley gave birth to 4 babies!!

So, Xie Xie (thank you in Mandarin) for coming to this blog again, your comments are much appreciated and your friendship is highly valued.