Thursday, 19 June 2008


I am currently researching on Kuching - Sarawak (East Malaysia), for my upcoming trip next month. The South China seas separate both West (where I am) and East Malaysia and the only way to go there is to fly. Though I have lived in Malaysia all my life, I have never been there nor know much about East Malaysia. There are 28 different ethnic groups in Sarawak alone, one of the richest rainforest in the world, the largest flower in the world - Rafflesia etc., famous for it's long houses, and used to be land of the headhunters. For more infor, go here to see my previous posts. I am so happy I found this blog Kucing Berjanggut which blogs about everything Sarawak. I am happier that the owner allow me to re-post some of the photos of ethnic Sarawakians. These are pictures of people of the ethnic group, the KELABIT people. I just love people's pictures, there's something about the face that says it all. Just like you, I am seeing the pictures of the Kelabit people for the first time!

Now that I have a fair idea of how the Kelabit people look like, I'll have to go find the other 27 ethnic groups :D

Love these sets of photos titled Retro Sarawak from one of Kucing Berjanggut post.

How lucky I am. A wonderful package arrived from my wonderful friend, Charmaine of High Desert Diva. When I opened it, the lavender handkerchief smells just divine, a nice Pomegranate & Honey soap and a very cool vintage soap box. Never seen such a beautiful and vintage soap box in my life, BTW, ours are mainly plastic here, so you can imagine how fantastic it is to receive this. My name was written beautifully by the very creative and talented Charmaine. Here's a peek into what came in :D

We are playing Shadow Shots Sunday or SSS with Hey Harriet again. I know it's not Sunday yet, but I'll have to post early as weekends are kinda busy cleaning rabbit poops. Here's Eli doing her Virabhadrasana or The Warrior pose in yoga.

I want to thank Lynn from theVintageNest for allowing me to re-post her picture here for the SSS. This picture was taken by Lynn during her flight to Midwest, USA and was her picture for the Skywatch Friday. Thanks a million Lynn, now this is an AWESOME shadow shot!!!

Took these pictures of lotuses when I was in Bangkok earlier this year. I am still waiting for mine to bloom :)

Have a fantastic and wonderful weekend :D