Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Hôtel de la Paix.

This is one of the hippest hotel in Siem Reap, I didn't stay there but I went over for a meal just to see what's inside. Tell me if you like it.

Have you ever seen a reception like this?

An artistic sculpture of Buddha.


Another view of the courtyard from the swing that seats 4 adults

Mosquito coils and covers for outdoor dining.

Loved this part of the toilet, a mini wooden pagoda filled with fresh jasmine flowers!!

I wanted to laugh when I saw this picture of me coming down the stairs at Pre Rup temple. I finally found out why those stairs were so steep. When the Kings built their temples, it was supposed to emulate mountains, therefore one has to practically crawl up or walk sideways to go to the top (the steps were really narrow, only about 4 inches in width) A trip to Cambodia anyone?

I am a lucky blogger. Guess what came in the post today? A box of goodies, a video on BARAKA, A World Beyond Words and I think everyone should see this excellent and mesmerising video! Everything came beautiful packed :) When I saw the Vegemite, I nearly fell off my chair laughing as Tracy and I were joking about Vegemites via email earlier, and Chocolate covered cocoa beans (first for me), wonderful jam and of course, the Bjork CDs, which I've never heard before. Now it's playing in my car and laptop as I've got 2 copies. A million thanks to Tracy of Hey Harriet, and I hope your little parcel and the rest that I've sent out too will arrive safely. I must say Malaysian Postal sucks :( because one package didn't arrive..sorry, Charmaine, I've got to lug those ugly styrofoam box for now). It took exactly one week for the postcards to reach most people from Cambodia and it takes 2 weeks to reach anyone when sent out of Malaysia. Now how can Cambodia postal better than us, afterall we have the Twin Tower, the second tallest building in the world and our postal aren't faster than them!!

And this photo is for Tracy and my bunny friends. Here's Ashley, our biggest rabbit and 'queen' of the house. She was taken away by my mom 2 months ago. My mom & my brother have 3 rabbits, 2 are males. Here's Ashley with her week old babies, they are all back at my home at the moment. Have you seen week old rabbits?

Now, don't you envy my weekends? We've got 9 rabbits in total, and cleaning 3 cages and lots of rabbit poop is really FUN!! Many thanks to Annie of Flower Garden, I figured out how to do you can see :)
..and I've got to finish my 3 tags and we are playing Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet again, so join in the fun if you like. See Tracy, now you've got me blogging 3 times a week :O

Cheers to everyone :)