Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Chinese paper cutting was introduced since the invention of peper by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty - 6th Century. We find them plenty here especially during Chinese New Year, mostly in black and red, sometimes in many colours. Below are my favourite cuttings, courtesy from Chinese Paper Cutting.

Flowers and goldfishes. Fishes are always auspicious symbols for the chinese signifying abundance of everything.

A pair of lions or sometimes they are called 'Fu Dogs' and you see them in most entrance into Chinese restaurant, shops etc., acting as guardian.

A Chinese girl with traditional costume.

The Su Zhou garden.

The Chinese character 'FOOK' meaning wealth seen in almost every Chinese home during Chinese New year.

This my favourite, the Chinese character 'HEI' in Cantonese, meaning double happiness. Used widely in celebrations, especially for weddings.

Year 2008 - the year of the Rat in Chinese calendar.

I took this picture from one of our shopping mall in February during our Chinese New Year celebration. I have 2 nice paper cuttings but can't post them as they are on the way to someone somewhere, so can't spoil the fun ;D

Rewinding back to February 2008 this year, Rat sure is popular this year during Chinese New Year. I bought these from Ikea, 'Rat' shopping bags, a candle with the 'double happiness' word and our Rat napkin holders. You'll figure out now that Chinese have a strong liking for everything red during festivals, even the entire Ikea was in red then!

See you all during Shadow Shot Sunday :D