Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Last week was the end of a 2 weeks school holidays, so I took the kids to Kuala Lumpur, our capital city. We went to the Central Market, a place which I have not been to for more than 10 years. Here's a peek into what's inside Central Market:

All explanation are clockwise.

Central Market-didn't know it was so old, a peacock tapestry, colourful Chinese kites and butterflies.

Masks from Borneo, shell lightings, teak and porcelein vases and bags in mengkuang (a local hardly leaves) with wooden handles.

Chinese vintage cabinet, laughing Buddha and teak carvings, typical Chinese paintings and vintage Chinese teasets.

Real pressed orchids souveniers, another beautiful pressed orchid arrangement, sea themed quilt and saw this interesting batik hanging on fruits.

Necklaces made from sea shells, coconut shells and assortments of different wood and materials, more mengkuang boxes and others, stone art (very interesting) and puppets from Indonesia.

An assortment of plants - love that coconut carving, close up of the coconut to put plants inside, Anklung - a traditional musical instruments made from bamboo.


Feeling blue? Some wonderful bloggers WILLOWS COTTAGE and Gingerbread are participating in ANNA CARSON PHOTOGRAPHY's BLUE PROJECT , posting photos of everything blue. Join them if you like to participate. I didn't but am posting my favourite blue from my home.

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Cheers always :D