Saturday, 7 June 2008


Through blog-land, I've got a good idea of how others live. I got the chance to look at their beautiful homes and decor too. I have been wanting to do a post on a Balinese theme house for the longest time, though there are many here, I could not find the right one or know anyone. Therefore, I was very happy when I read Mr Cheng Sim Fang and his wonderful wife, Pooi Har's beautiful weekend house feature in our daily paper, The Star. Mr Cheng is a resort builder himself and built their weekend house which can accomodate 40 people comfortably. He has incorporated all the true Balinese design into this beautiful home. For more information and pictures, please go to Low-key Bali style. Pictures are courtesy from The Star and used with permission from house owner.

Entrance to the house.

What a door! Look at the details.

Typical Balinese feature, a volcanic rock lamp with is used to hide the mosquito coil, what a brilliant idea!!


Entrance hall, love the settee - very fresh and happy colours too.

One of the guestrooms.

Mrs Cheng's ensuite bathroom - now you are the envy of many, including me!! I can stay here for a long time :)

Mr Cheng's study room which looks out to the garden..imagine blogging here :)

Outdoor dining.

The wonderful couple.

Bali fountain, I love that door!

My favourite picture, looking down at the sitting room ....look at that crystals hanging from the top, just awesome!!

Mr and Mrs Cheng, thank you for sharing your beautiful and classy house. You have inspired me in many ways in home decor now. If I have a house like that, wow..I can stay there forever not only for weekends :)

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet again. My LOTUS plant @ home.

How's the weather at your place, (pic from my home) it sure is bright and sunny here :)

..and Lisa has a June giveaway at RetroStyle, good luck to all and me too :)

Cheers to all!