Thursday, 22 May 2008


The Cambodians are very friendly and wonderful people. Even though the country has gone through years of hardship, they are helpful and never hesitate in sharing anything among themselves. To understand the hardship of Cambodians, we need to understand how it all started by Pol Pot (1925-1998), then leader of the Khmer Rouge. He was the Prime Minister from 1976 - 1979 and declared "year zero" in 1976 which saw the mass killing, torturing and systematic extermination of approximately 1.7 millions of Cambodians (about 26% of the entire polution at that time). Some may have seen the movie, The Killing Field (1984) which starred Haing S. Ngor, Julian Sands and John Malkovich. It garnered 3 Academy Awards featuring the real-life story of Dith Pran (starred the now deceased Haing).

I love photographing Cambodians, they obliged me everytime without fail. They could be busy with anything and never hesitated to smile for me. These pictures says it all :)

My guide, Soluy (left) always attentive, caring and very professional.We were able to cramp everything into 3 days thanks to her. A dancer at Cultural Village, wearing an ethnic Cambodia dress.

This is an actual wedding, photo taken just outside Angkor Wat, loved the colours, dont you?

A staged wedding at the Cultural Village.

A fruit seller outside Angkor Wat.

This lady stopped her work and posed for me at the Old market, if I was in Malaysia, I'd probably be chased away!

Dancers preparing for a show at the Cultural Village.

I have promised Marina from Argentina on her virtual home decor party, so I'll post some of the things I like. We live in terrace house like most Malaysians and ours is a corner lot with some land. My husband and I didn't check the direction thoroughly and landed with a house that faces west, so it can be really hot. However, I am happy because I get to hang one crystal ball on all our windows (plenty) and our 3 doors because.....

...the crytals will reflect hundreds of sunshine on all my walls, this is the wall from my kitchen with a collage of all the scrapbooking I did for the family last year. Can you see specks of rainbow on the wall?

Our dining table facing the garden (you can see how hot it can be, not even possible to take a picture looking out with the glare), with a table runner and collection of silver from Cambodia and the bowls are from Thailand.

I need to have lots of plants round the house and my favourite window looking out to the garden :)

I missed the Mother's Day post as I was away and will use this picture if I did it, an elephant and her baby made of limestone from Cambodia.

..ahhh finally, the extended family, our rabbits and the most difficult to photograph as they were too busy chomping the leaves most of the time and wouldn't stay still !! The small ones in the basket are floppy eared lops, the big ones are crossed breed lionhead with angora. I always wondered how the 2 big ones survive in our hot weather and whether it felt like sauna when they are out in the garden because of their bushy fur around the neck!

I am glad too that the postcards I sent from Cambodia has reached some of my blog-friends (much more efficient than our Malaysian postal for sure) and also feel blessed that I have many wonderful friends everywhere.

So, have a bunnderful weekend everybunny (that's how the rabbit bloggers communicate hahaha!!)