Wednesday, 28 May 2008


A trip to Artisans Angkor reminded me of my trip to Jim Thompson, Bangkok in February this year. Beautiful silks everywhere, but during this trip, I got to see the entire process of silk weaving as follows. Silk weaving was introduced to Cambodia in the 13th century using the larvae of the mulberry silkworm in capitivity. Here's the complete process of silk weaving :

Mulberry leaves

Close up of silkworms working hard :)

Mulberry silkworms cocoons in trays

Boiling of the cocoons, one of the guides happily pop the used up cocoons (without the silk) into his mouth, seems it's a delicacy in Cambodia and I guess it's a good source of protein :)

There were no machines, the entire process was hand made using traditional tools

..more spinning

Beautiful silk, reminded me of our local songket materials

Inside Artisans Angkor showroom, exquisite silks and many other handmade items

My favourite, a collection of silver and what you see on table on hung up are raw silk, rougher than fine silk and used widely for decor and clothing too.

Collections of Buddhas.

Apart from silk, Artisans Angkor makes many other wonderful handicrafts, here's a hand painted silk screen, all pictures taken from their workshop.


Beautiful and detailed stone carving which Cambodia is famous for as you can see in all their temples.

Intricate wood carvings

Artisans Angkor's shop at the Siem Reap airport.

You see, I can go on and on blogging about Cambodia and I've not even completed the temples post. Truly, Cambodia is a gem on it's own. When I stepped into any of the temples, I felt I was transported to an era hundreds of years or even 1000 years ago as per above header, the Pre Rup temple was built in year 961, or being in one of those Indiana Jones movie (only thing missing was a whip!!).
Here's my friend TS going up to Pre Rup temple (left). I hated those stairs! When I was descending, my guide kept saying "mind your steps, don't look down". However, I DID look down and felt my head spinning with images of me falling down those stairs, and being sent home with a broken leg or neck flashed in front of me. You see, I could'nt chicken out by NOT climbing and I couldn't take those photos if I was up there, and Pre Rup temple was not even the steepest of them!


Me and TS right at the top of Pre Rup temple!!

Outside Pre Rup

The kids are having their 2 weeks school holidays and I told them we will be making lanterns, inspired by Gina's wonderful art at Gingerbread. That's the beauty of blogging, one get to learn new things everywhere :)....but really, this is exactly where I want to be during the holidays...sipping tea on THIS swing (it accomodates 4 persons) at the hippest hotel in Siem Reap, Hôtel de la Paix

Finally, if you are reading this part it would mean that you have not fallen asleep because of the long post (hahaha...)

Cheers and jumpa lagi (see you again)....