Friday, 4 April 2008

JAPAMALA TIOMAN ISLAND-world's top 10 ultra boutique hotel

TIOMAN Island is the biggest and most impressive island in the East Coast of West Malaysia. I have not been to Tioman yet..but I do know they have this resort, JAPAMALA and below is how it's being described (copied directly from JAPAMALA's link, and ALL PICTURES ARE COURTESY FROM Japamala, Tioman Island. I promise you'll want a vacation right away!!)

"The Island's Jewel in the Crown JapaMala takes its name from the prayer beads for mantra meditation. A symbol of peace and bliss, take pleasure in true seclusion amid 11 acres of lush wilderness flanked by an inviting beach. The only boutique resort on Tioman Island, JapaMala is often besieged by nature-lovers, and those who yearn to simply self-indulge.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Jungle luxury living.
To transcend the experience of elegant living and dining amidst nature.

OUR IDEA: Gourmet, green space, great recovery.
With views in living colors, sites that hoist your spirits, food that nurse your soul and hospitality that is unprecedented.

OUR PRIMARY EMPHASIS: Be at one with mother nature.
Traditional Malay-kampung villas and chalets with living areas and outdoor features are all structured around the resort's magnificent landscape, which is designed by natural streams, steep cliff and towering boulders.

Do nothing at all, let your surroundings do it for you."

...and what to do? other than laze under the sun?


..kayaking @ sunset

..dolphins sightings

..waterfall trekking, truly in one with nature

..and I like what's written on their website, "
hibernate in style.. intense intimacy between man and nature" because I believe I can hibernate here for a long long time.

To my wonderful blogging friends everywhere, cheers and have a beautiful weekend :)