Friday, 18 April 2008

It's been a busy but a wonderful week this week. When I meet someone in his/her blog, I always learn something new and it gets even better when you get to meet someone for real. I met Dany of A Garden in France, a wonderful French lady. A few emails and we decided to meet at the largest furniture retail cum shopping centre, where else but here:

She asked if I spoke French (from the blog title)..sadly no, and if the profile picture was me? Wow..(blushing and shying), so flattered she thought I looked that young, but no. That was a picture of my eldest daughter Emilea, taken 2 years ago when she was 9. ..but seriously, did you all thought that picture was me?
So, in between blog stories, salad and pies, green and cammomile tea, we had a great time because after 5 minutes, we were like old friends :) So, here I am re-posting her beautiful photos of Malaysia, courtesy of Dany ..merci.

I love this picture of nature.

Beautiful Koi fishes, a favourite for fish lovers here.

An antic lantern in a Khoo kongsi house built for the Khoo family clan in 1902 in Penang.

Honestly, I thought it was a temple's door until I read what was written, it was ancestral tablets for the Khoo clan.

We see this everywhere, it's a garland made by Indians for their prayers to their Gods.

Dany's grandson having a haircut at an Indian barber, we find them everywhere but mainly for males only. Females..enter at your own risk!

During Dany's trip to Hong Kong last weekend, I love this photo. Old and huge urns are usually used to keep preserved vegetables or salted eggs, in almost all Chinese communities.

Of course, yours truly and Dany..not so difficult guessing who's French and who's not. Do pop over to A Garden in France for more wonderful pictures and stories.

By the way, everyone loves salad (..almost), but how about our local salad here? This picture was taken during a recent buffet lunch in the city (..really got to cut down those eating and step on my exercise machine!!). A selection of many local raw vegetables and herbs. be eaten with thousands Island, mayo, french way, only with pounded chillies, lime, roasted dried fish paste and shallots, it's definitely the Malaysian way, hot and spicy :)

A plant from my this a flower or a herb? Well, it's the bud of ginger torch plant, mainly used for curries, eaten with rice or as a salad.

and was invited to go to Bangkok for some meeting which I declined (too busy here, otherwise, I'm on the first flight out) and what's happening in Thailand? It's their Songkran or Water festival, where everyone splashes water on whoever, so I think I'll skip this festival.

Photo courtesy from Thailand Life - Songkran Festival

Good bye, au revoir and jumpa lagi (see you again) soon :)