Saturday, 19 April 2008

I wonder if my blogging friends ever watched a Chinese movie before? I am not really a big fan of Chinese movies unless they have great reviews, always prefering Hollywood to Bollywood (Indian movies) or Chinese. However, if you are watching an epic movie, you just have to love the colours and the costume. Here are pictures from the movie, the Curse of the Golden Flower, starring Gong Li, one my favourite star. I hope you'll like the pictures as much as me :)

Gong Li as Empress Phoenix (..and in case if you are wondering do the Chinese Empress wore such gowns years ago, the answer is yes)

All images are courtesy from IGN: Curse Of The Golden Flower Screenshots, Wallpapers and Pics

..but what about a real Empress in China. Let's talk about the last Dowager Empress Tsu Hsi (Tsoo Chee) or Cixi. Born on 29 November 1835 and named Yehonala, her parents were from middle ranks of Manchu society. She was married off to Emperor Hsien Feng to be one of his many concubines, but the most prominent one because she was the only whom gave birth to a son. When the Emperor die in 1861, her son aged 5 - Chih became the Emperor. She created history for her shrewdness and merciless ruling 'behind the curtain'. She was also one of the most powerful woman in China at that time, but sadly it was the end of their dynasty. She installed her grandson, Pu Yi into the throne shortly before her death in 1908. Pu Yi was "The Last Emperor" of China. Some of you may remember the multi-Oscar awards movie of the same title by Bernardo Bertolucci released in 1987. For more photos and story go to here.

Pictures courtesy of Empress Dowager Cixi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And there's lots of awards going round this week. First it came from the Diva we all loved, my favourite Diva-blogger, Charmaine of High Desert Diva whom celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary. Isn't that so sweet and wonderful?
Then the same one came from Indigo Blue, a multi-talented artist specialising in textiles, beads and bags to die for...and the award :)

..but it didn't stop there, another one came from Marina Capano...all the way from Argentina.

Marina's award was sparkly but I could not copy it the same. Anyone can help on this?

A million thanks for thinking of me. I would like to give both awards to every single person who read this blog, will do all the linking later because the list is very long :)

What about Bloggers Unite? Please see below (text by Bloggers Unite).
Bloggers Unite For Human Rights challenges bloggers everywhere to help elevate human rights by drawing attention to the challenges and successes of human rights issues on May 15. What those topics may include — the wrongful imprisonment of journalists covering assemblies, governments that ignore the plight of citizens, and censorship of the Internet. What is important is that on one day, thousands of bloggers unite and share their unified support of human rights everywhere.

I came across this article when wonderful blogger, Tracy of Hey Harriet mentioned this in her latest post. I believe it certainly deserved some mentioning and blogging about matters that are important to us. So, please go to the above link for more information and badges. Even if you are not blogging about any particular issues on the 15th May 2008, you can copy it to your sidebar.

Promote it and blog about it, spread the words and make someone aware of what's important to you and how we can change things. I know exactly what I want to blog on 15th May 2008, it will be about N.U.R.I.N Alert, a child missing alert system (as in Amber Alert in the USA) that was adopted after the brutal death of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, which started me on a blog frenzy last year in another blog.

Sorry for the long blog today as I will be out of office and also "balik kampung" (going back home/village as the local call it) from Thursday onwards, so no internet connection until I am back on Monday. However, renowned photographer Gabisa Motonia has given permission to re-post some of his fantastic pictures, so I really can't wait until next week.

So, here goes :


"Borobudur is a ninth century Mahayana Buddhist monument in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.[1] A main dome is located at the center of the top platform, and is surrounded by seventy-two Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa.

The monument is both a shrine to the Lord Buddha and a place for Buddhist pilgrimage. The journey for pilgrims begins at the base of the monument and follows a path circumambulating the monument while ascending to the top through the three levels of Buddhist cosmology, namely, Kamadhatu (the world of desire); Rupadhatu (the world of forms); and Arupadhatu (the world of formless). During the journey, the monument guides the pilgrims through a system of stairways and corridors with
1,460 narrative relief panels on the wall and the balustrades. Please go toBorobudur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more information.

Please see these wonderful pictures courtesy from Gabisa Motonia. Terima Kasih (thank you in Malaysia and Indonesia) Pak Gabisa for sharing your photos!!

* KAMADHATU : The world of desires.
* THE LAW OF KARMA (Karmavibhangga) :

..and finally, it's Earth Day today, so let's hope whatever effort we make will make a difference towards our environment.

Picture courtesy from Earth Day

With lots of love, a big hug and have a blessed week / weekend :)