Sunday, 13 April 2008


I went for a colleague's Baby Full Moon party last Saturday. A full moon party is always held when a Chinese baby reaches a full month from birth date. When I stepped out of the restaurant, there was an extremely noisy show on stage going on. My friend told me it was a Chinese Opera show, normally shown on certain festivals or when the temple has a celebration. So, off I went, saw the entire show, kicked myself for not bringing the camera of course, and it was my first time watching it but I had no idea what was said or sung. I dont understand Hokkien - one local Chinese dialect, but was fascinated with the costume. I love Western operas and years ago, whenever I was in London, it's operas from matinee up to the last show, my favourite being Phamtom of the Opera, which I saw 4 times. So, if you are into operas, check this out how the East have their operas - the very famous one is Beijing Opera troupe. I wish you could witness one yourself, it's full of colourful costume, very noisy, full of drama and extreme make up, as you can see and one that's not easily forgotten. Sadly, this art is also slowly phasing out.

From one of my favourite Hong Kong actress, Liza Wang during her show in Genting, Malaysia. Pictures courtesy from Liza Wang & Loh Kar Ying Chinese Opera Troupe.

Pictures from the world famous Peking (Beijing) opera

From my favourite photographer in China, Mr Dong Songtao and his personal collection from color inspiration. He has the most wonderful pictures of China. Pictures courtesy from color inspiration. Mr Dong, XIE XIE (that's Mandarin for thank you).

...and back home, photos courtesy from Hungry Ghost Festival - Chinese Opera - LensaMalaysia Forum. This was EXACTLY what I saw last weeekend! In case you are wondering about the Hungry Ghost festival, yes there is such as Chinese worldwide provide prayers and burn money, houses, maids, cars, practically everything in PAPER as offering to their ancestors. It is a tradtion performed mainly by Buddist or Taoist, you can say it's similar to the Christian's All Souls Day.

Most spectators are elderly as they are the ones whom appreciate this ancient art better, the younger ones...(that would be me hahaha), I am doubtful if they prefer this to their regular night spots in KL.

I hope your weeekend had been fantastic, me - spent cleaning rabbit poop as I told Tracy of Pink Purl because we've got another new rabbit, making it 4 now. I wanted to upload the picture but my camera's not co-operating, naybe next post...

Cheers and happy week ahead :)