Sunday, 27 April 2008


Our 'balik kampung' trip to Besut was too brief, the travelling was about 8 hours and we managed to stay one night only at my wonderful MIL's house. No trip is quite complete unless we stop by the wet market nearby. I am quite sure my blogger friends havent seen such foodstuff before :)

Salted fish of all kind, so it's not really healthy but just taste good with rice.

What about this? This funny looking thing is actually 'keropok lekor' a local delicacy well known in the East Coast, made mainly of fish. It had to be deep fried and eaten with chilli sauce.

I've never eaten it..some small shells favoured by the locals, marinated heavily in salt, to be eaten on it's own or with rice.

I am 45 minutes speedboat away from Perhentian Island but I could not go, the trip was too short so we popped over at Kuantan (halfway between Besut and KL) and stayed here overnight.

OK, no island, even a night stay at Hyatt, Teluk Cempedak (Cempedak Bay) will do, view from the reception. I love this view :)

Hyatt is a 20 + years old hotel, rooms very well maintained but it's the blue pool surrounded by all those trees that I love..I need the shade!! I am a beach lover but not a sun lover :(

..and the pool

This stretch of beach is quite exclusive to Hyatt so there's not many outsiders at the beach, making it very private.

Just outside the hotel reception, partly surrounded by rainforest..with lots of monkeys around.

Thank you all for visiting, it's so good to know wonderful friends everywhere. I wish everyone a fantastic week ahead.

Hugs to all :)