Thursday, 13 March 2008


Many thanks for all my good blogger friends addresses, I had much fun writting and am posting them all out by tomorow. I will continue to send them all out whenever I receive new addresses and it is my wish to send postcards the snail-mail way from all my trips, so I take this as the first series of future cards to come. I hope that my postcards reached you all safely and if not, please never hesitate to contact me again.

A few weeks ago, I thought, dreamt, wanted, hoping, wished that I could take up a professional diving course as it's compulsory if one wants to dive. I see friends around me are really avid die hard divers, a trip to Perhentian, Redang, Lang Tengah, Sipadan, Tioman, some of the best dives in the world right here, and me cant even snorkel properly. I am still not giving up and time permitting, I will take up this hobby soon. As I really want to go to Sipadan island and see this, at least while I am still mobile and alive.

..and that's just sights from Sipadan, what about Maldives and the rest? Sigh...still so many things to do. School holidays are coming to an end, so am taking the kids for a train ride to KLCC, and also attending a weekend seminar.

CHEERS and happy weekend to all :)