Friday, 21 March 2008


While researching for up upcoming trip to Kuching - Sarawak, I discovered that there are so much that I dont know of this largest state in Malaysia. Sarawak has the richest rainforest with the most diverse ecosystem. It has 28 different ethnic group of people, each with it's own distinct language, culture and lifestyle. Sarawak was also named Asia's "best kept secret", land of the While Rajahs, hornbills, orang utan and home to the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia - which can measure up to one metre across. The most dominant group are the Dayaks, with Ibans (sea dayaks) and Bidayuhs (land dayaks) and they have a strong spiritual connection with the rainforest. I want to visit one of the longhouses, a home on stilts and at times houses more than 100 people, and there are more than 4,500 longhouses in Sarawak alone. These images are from the net and I can imagine how beautiful this trip will be.

A Melanau longhouse

Sarawak - also known as Land of the Hornbills, as you can see why

Well known for more than 28 groups of multi-ethnic people

You cant miss the rainforest

A must visit to the Sarawak Cultural Village

Perhaps a trip to the Bako National Park..

The Rafflesia - have you ever seen any flower like this? I haven't.

Of course my trip would not be complete without saying hello to a long lost friend, the Orang Utan

For more information, read here,here and here.

How wonderful blogging is to meet many new friends, from Singapore to Argentina, someone near and someone so far away, there are so many new things to learn.

With this, I wish everyone a fantastic weekend :)