Monday, 31 March 2008


There are many islands in West Malaysia, Penang, Langkawi, Pangkor, Tioman, Redang, Lang Tengah, Tenggol, Gema, Kapas, Besar etc....and there's Perhentian Island. Perhentian means "stopping point" in Malay and was a stop over point for fishing boats plying the Thailand-Malaysia route and vice versa. I must admit that I've still yet to go to many of the islands, though Sipadan (East Malaysia) is definitely on top of my list. However, there's no point to go to Sipadan if I can't dive, it's like going to the beach and not swim. However, Perhentian is definitely THE ISLAND for me. No fancy 5 star hotels, no roads, even no TV in Tuna bay, life is really a beach, swim, snorkel, eat and swim again, and very soon I'm not tanned but practically fried under the sun. But really, you'll see most Malaysians under the umbrella shying away from the sun or even in the aircond chalet (like my husband) and foreigners sun tanning on the beach.

The best accomodation you'll get is Perhentian Tunabay Island Resort. You can either stay at the garden chalet or even better the sea view chalet, open up to a beautiful beach and clear water. To me, Perhentian is probably one of the few islands that is still pure, clean, clear and beautiful, it was not even developed until the last 10 years. These pictures were from our trip last year.

Boat ride to Perhentian Island, nothing but crystal clear blue sea.

Danial playing with the fishes near the beach.

Emi on the beach - bring fish food and you'll have hundreds of fishes nibbling both food and you.

View on the right of Tuna Bay.

The speed boat stops right infront of Tuna Bay - travel light is essential, you should'nt be lugging those LV trunks around.

With the mountains as backdrop, no roads only boat hopping from one place to another.

Fishing jetty at Besut and no, you dont hop on one of this to Perhentian. Tuna Bay and other resorts have their own speed boat.

I stayed at Arwana one night, beach not clear, full of dead corals and we found this stingray near the beach so it's Tuna for us thereafter.

CHEERS and have a fantastic week ahead :)