Thursday, 27 March 2008

I did a post on Keronsang and Malacca (all at bottom) and am still fascinated with this subject. Still remembering my maternal grandma who wears her see through kebaya and sarong with a 3 piece kerongsang to all important functions. Sadly, no one ever kept this heirloom and it's rare to find any, until I found the Kerosang Collection, many thanks to Andre. Do note that these are antiques and are hardly made nowadays.

A 3 piece linked kerongsang worn with the traditional kebaya, that's the pin for keep the kebaya together.

Worn with silver belts

a gold buckle

An antique betel nut set

I took this picture of a Peranakan wedding bed at the museum when I was in Malacca recently. Their beds are always elaborately decorated and this one's in red, a favourite colour for weddings.

..and talking about Peranakan wedding, I found this and check it out here

and another one here

and here too

A modern Nyonya in her beautiful kebaya and sarong.

Go to VirtualMalaysia.Com -baba nyonya and Travel * NST Online for more infor.

OK, seriously the weather's been crazy here. It's extremely hot and humid in the day and raining crazily in the evening. Even travelling out for lunch is giving me headaches, so here I am wanting to go to somewhere cooling, somewhere away from the city, just to sip tea at the highlands. This is a tea plantation at Photo Gallery > Sungai Palas Valley (Boh Tea Plantation), Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, PAHANG - Malaysia Travel Review and the view at the top, just perfect.