Monday, 17 March 2008

Malay houses and Sakura

There's something about the traditional Malay houses that is very special. Though I did'nt grow up in one, I go back to one every year, back to the East Coast to my husband's family home. It's a time where we all take a long break from our hectic schedule. A time to relax and do nothing, and when I say do nothing - I really mean it because there's nothing to do except eat, visiting relatives, more eating, beach and of course a trip my favourite island, Pulau Perhentian. There's no internet connection (at least at at home back in my kampong/village), no English newspapers and I find myself reading a few Malay papers a day, mainstream and tabloids included. Life is laidback, easy going and no hurry. This is where the kids wake up to the cocks crowing (never hear them here in town for sure), and the nearest shopping centre is a sundry shop. We love it every year as it's uninterrupted family time and spend time with the person we love most, my mother in law. While many jokes about M-I-L problems, mine is a gem as she is much loved by everyone. She'll be the happiest and busiest when we are all back.

These are just some samples of the beautiful kampong/village houses, most always built on stilts in case of flood. They have large windows which makes the building cooling and usually surrounded by coconut trees. For more infor, read here, here and here.

...and really blogging has been very exciting, knowing so many beautiful people everywhere. Every blog is a new discovery and often I am asked which is my favourite blog, I'd say ALL because each and every one is unique and beautiful. So, I am so glad to have known you all. Almost everywhere I visited, someone is blogging about spring and we celebrate spring every year when Chinese New Year's round the corner though we never have spring, it just coincide with the Chinese lunar calendar. So, when my new found beautiful blogger friend, Bunbun of honey and clover took some awesome pictures with the title Sakura, which mean cherry blossoms in Japanese, I pratically begged her to let me post those beautiful pictures and she was so kind to do so. Bunbun, you're another gem and I love all those Bento boxes you make, wished we were nearer :)