Monday, 10 March 2008

M A L A C C A - the historic state

just a quick update...Elizabeth from The House in Marrakesh and her friends are doing a posting on DOORS on 12th March 2008, which I have participated. So, if there's any door I'd like to post, it had to be this door from my recent Malacca's trip. It's definitely no ordinary door, it looks like a Chinese temple but actually it was for a Chinese clan association. Definitely a reminder of our Chinese roots, and do visit Elizabeth and join in if you like :)

Just came back from Malacca, a state that is rich in history, ruled by previously by the Portugese, Dutch and British. Home to the Peranakans (Chinese immigrants whom adopted the Malay culture), famous for its historical sites, good Baba Nyonya's food and antiques. While checking on the net, I found Hotel Puri Malacca, a 50 rooms boutique hotel with Peranakans features. It was an ancestral home of a Chinese descendant built in the year 1822 with it's original Dutch title dated 24.4.1819. I didnt stay in this hotel and opted for Hotel Equatorial. Somehow, I was worried about staying in very old hotels as I didn't like staying in musky rooms with faded furniture or toilet facilities that are 50 years old. However, I was wrong as Hotel Puri looked vintage outside but was really beautiful inside, I let you be the judge of this:

Outside of Hotel Puri, typically Peranakan house and looks real vintage.

Most Peranakan house had courtyards those days, though it's almost unseen or unheard nowadays in modern houses. This was Hotel Puri's reception with courtyard.

Coffee house and back courtyard.

If you stay at the ground floor at the back, you'll open your doors and windows to this garden.

I like this particular pot of water plant, it had hundreds of gold fishes inside but what's more important, this pot was brought in from China when the Chinese first settled here in Malacca. In China, they were urns used to store salted eggs and vegetables, but now mainly used to contain water plants.

The A Famosa chicken rice shop dated 1911.

The original A Famosa or "The Famous" in Portugese was a fortress gate in Malacca. It is the oldest surviving European architechture in Asia built by Alfonso Alburquerque in 1586. Alburqurque arrived in 1511 and defeated the Malacca sultanate and continue to rule Malacca until its defeat to the Dutch in 1641. Read it here.

The Dutch Christ Church or Stradhuys built in 1753. The Dutch took over power from the Portugese from 1641 and ruled Malacca the longest till 1824 until the defeat to the British. Read here for more infor.

Of all the places I went, I'd say that this is a must to visit, the Baba Nyonya museum and unfortunately photos were not allowed inside. It was another Chinese ancestral home which houses many Peranakan items, some more than 100 years old.

Everyone is giving awards away, the cyber way, one click and your favourite blogger will receive it. Me - I'd like to give it the old fashioned snail-mail-way, via post. Therefore, I'd love to give away all these wonderful postcards that shows that gives you a glimpse of how beautiful Malacca is. Please leave a comment and send your address to my email : sweetpeaeli@gmail so I can send the cards immediately as I cant wait for my beautiful friends to receive them :)