Saturday, 16 February 2008

The SKY BAR, it was awesome !!!

we bribed my mom to take the kids shopping nearby
so we could have some "time off" together
have a nice dinner, strolling around KLCC park
walking from KLCC to Traders Hotel and to have a drink at the SKY BAR

The Twin Tower in the evening

..dancing fountains at KLCC park

...view from our dinner place

...ahh, the SKY BAR

...the picture was not so clear but it was bliss chilling out at Sky Bar

the SKY BAR, not very spacious, smart casual and slippers and short pants were a no no..
..beautiful pool at the middle and anyone can take a dip's roof top open air, so it could be stuffy at times and breezy too
..just relax in one of the enclave near the windows, surrounded by cushions and a killing view of the Twin Tower
.....this picture was taken from our window @ Sky Bar
......not with the most hi-tech camera, so do see previous post for beautiful pics

fast facts on our Twin Tower's tallest builing from 1998 - 2004, until Taipei 101 was out
..88 floors of reinforced concrete steel and glass facade, resembling motifs found in Islamic art
..built on the world's deepest foundation at 120 meter
..below is the famous Suria KLCC shopping paradise and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
..452 meter (1483 feet) high
..and I definitely want to walk on the SKY BRIDGE, that's the bridge connecting both towers :)

so, after dinner, heading back to KLCC and Emporio Armani was doing a huge promo for their new fragrance DIAMONDS and with a gigantic poster of Beyonce Valentines and still in the mood for love, so me - I was lucky, I got the Diamond perfume :)

..and these beautiful images from Pictures and Photos Showcase on Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- Index Page