Tuesday, 5 February 2008

2 days to go

Two days to Chinese New Year and it's busy busy shopping. I am a real sucker for plants so I went to buy the following Chinese New year plants which are almost a must in most households:

The Pussywillow, imported from China as a symbol of spring

locally grown lime trees

and miniature bamboo plants

The entire Kuala Lumpur is jammed, so didnt quite get to go to Chinatown, but got this nice pic of how it looks, in red of course

so...will be on a blog break till next week and for the following few days during New Year is all about having our eve dinner, the children dressing up in their new clothing, the tea ceremony with parents and grandparents, visiting relatives and close friends, giving out redpackets/angpows to unmarried (young and old), more eating and merry making :)