Sunday, 10 February 2008

Still in the mood for red !

The tea ceremony and yes if the kids want a red packet from the grandma,they have to serve tea on their knees. A show of respect for the included:)

All the grandchildren and ours is really a muhibbah family as everyone is of mixed parentage.

We went to visit some relatives in Seremban on day 2 and I just had to snap this house at the museum. It was made in 1861 for a royal family and all done without a single nail.

Just had to go to Ikea and seeing red all over again!

Ikea's going global and acting local with the Rat bag and napkin holder!

Went to The Curve and gosh!! what else but red again...

Walkway from The Curve to nearby cineplex covered with red lanterns.

At one of The Curve's specially constructed entrance..

Red and gold chinese candles, normally used in olden days Chinese weddings.

A flower shaped sweets and nuts tray for guest, common in all households.

More intricately woven bamboo plants.

Emi with the Cai Shen,havent seen one for a long time