Monday, 4 February 2008


I was at the MidValley mall yesterday and I am seeing red everywhere. One cannot miss this occassion as its really red all over in every shopping centres. Red lanterns, red decor, red costumes, even the plants are decorated with red ribbons and red cloth. For the Chinese, red symbolises celebration and used without fail in weddings and Chinese New Year, hence restaurants always in red too.

7th February will be the first day of Spring, though it's only 365 days of summer holidays here but still, we are calling it the first day of Spring as we are following the Chinese Lunar calendar.

There's a lion or dragon dance everywhere and it's noisy as it's supposed to chase away bad luck and bring in new energies.

So, really it was a happy overdose of redness :)

A stall selling Chinese paper cutting

A rat cutting in celebration of the year of the Rat, this is cut from one single piece of red paper

Beautiful and exotic orchids !

seeing real cherry blossom for the first time

back to the cheongsam..I did find a full length cheongsam that fitted me, one that didnt stuck halfway on my hips but then again, I probably will have to hold my breath, suck in the tummy, not sit or even move anywhere, so I saw a couple of decent ones as followings:

and found one and only high-necked Shangainese cheongsam blouse in RED - the colour I was trying to avoid, so I bought it anyway as there's no other collar like this one and so for now, the shopping is almost complete...

....and I am still being inspired by Maggie Cheung's 2000 performance in the movie "In the mood for Love" based on a story dated in the 60' one wears a cheongsam better than her.