Friday, 22 February 2008


There are so many places I wanted to go to. I've been here but never stayed there...ONE DAY, I will coz it's right here in my beautiful Malaysia.

www.fourseasons/langkawi is EXACTLY where I want to go to unwind, though it will probably cost an arm or a leg, but I can just imagine blogging here one day. I was reading this mag, Body & Soul about the top Spas in the world, and out of many, two are here @ Tanjong Jara and Pangkor Laut, but really I will be very happy to be in Four Seasons.

THIS has to be my fav picture of all time. I imagine the kids tucked away (....somewhere) and waking to this sea facing view. Though Langkawi is not known for it's beautiful beaches (they are all at the East Coast), but it host some of the top hotels in Malaysia. A small island which you can make a round trip in 1.5 hour. I can stay here forever :)