Friday, 29 February 2008


I am elated to be back to KL. My trip to Bangkok was like a marathon meeting, seeing so many business partners from all over the world in a largest conference of more than a 1000 people ever. When I finished my last meeting cum dinner on Wednesday night, I was more than relieved and happy. All my previous Bangkok holidays were always about eating, shopping, spa and massage. However, for this trip, I wanted to do something different, to understand this beautiful country, it's people and culture. I had only one day to do so many things and not possible to even cover a quarter of what I wanted to do. I wanted to see a traditional Thai house and was almost impossible to do so in the heart of Bangkok. So, while surfing in Bangkok, I chanced upon the Jim Thompson's House and Musuem and knew I just had to go. Everyone going to Bangkok must visit this place, it's so breath taking that I wanted to stay there for the whole day. For more information on Jim Thompson, please visit
here. You will never be dissapointed.

Jim Thompson was born in 1906 in Greenville, Delaware, USA. He voluntered for the US army which took him to many places and the far east during the 2nd world war. He popularised the Thai silk and now his shops are opened all over Thailand, making him an iconic figure in promoting everything Thai.

I managed to take a few snaps of the house exterior, unfortunately no cameras were allowed inside the house. The moment I stepped into the house, I was transported to my childhood. The entire house was made with teak wood. The teak floors felt was cooling and smooth, in fact the entire house was cooling as it has large windows and high ceilings all over.

Here was the journey. The entrance into the house.

Outside the Jim Thompson's restaurant.

Endless pots of my favourite flower - the Lotus, with hundreds of fishes swimming inside.

Close up view of the Lotus, how can anyone not fall in love with this sweet smelling flower.

Another view from outside of one of the houses.

It's surrounded by tropical trees and flowers everywhere...sorry about the glare.

Like most tradtional houses in Asia, houses were previously built on stilts to safeguard against flood and even preventing wild animals from going into the house.

The garden.

Jim Thompson had endless collection of paintings, arts and decor inside the house (pictures not allowed), but this figure was the MOST IMPORTANT item of all. It's a limestone carving of Buddha from the 7th or 8th century AD (not 17th or 18th - no typo error here).

My fav art piece of all. This was a Chinese printing block from China, used by Jim Thompson to print on some of the Thai silks during the 50's.

Lunch at Jim Thompson.

I didn't stayed at any fancy hotel but stayed at a business partner's home. It comprised of two big bungalows with a pool at the centre and in view of their privacy, I will not post pictures of their home, except this one. It was my blogging spot for the past few days in Bangkok, I really could stay here forever :)

I like to think that this was just the beginning of my journey to Thailand as there's still so many places I haven't been. A trip to Hua Hin or Krabi would be nice, or another trip to Chiang Mai to see the mountains and outskirts will be great too.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

BANGKOK-sawaddee kapp

...ahhh, Bangkok - my second home. Been there so many times and still loving it. I have to go for a week long conference but I do have a day break.
Thailand - so near and yet so different, it's stepping into an entirely different world. There's so much to see and do and absolutely no time.

The Grand Palace

The ancient Sukhotai palace at sunset

Statue of Buddha at Sukhothai

Thai dancers

The beach...BLISS !!

..and The Davis Hotel

the Four Season Chiang Mai

............and who wouldnt want this, being massaged and pampered with herbs and local oils in this spa in Four Seasons Chiang Mai (World's Best Spa by Conde Nast Traveller (UK) 2007). If you could, would you?

go to TourismThailand.Org - The Official Website for Tourism in Thailand for everything Thai.

Friday, 22 February 2008


There are so many places I wanted to go to. I've been here but never stayed there...ONE DAY, I will coz it's right here in my beautiful Malaysia.

www.fourseasons/langkawi is EXACTLY where I want to go to unwind, though it will probably cost an arm or a leg, but I can just imagine blogging here one day. I was reading this mag, Body & Soul about the top Spas in the world, and out of many, two are here @ Tanjong Jara and Pangkor Laut, but really I will be very happy to be in Four Seasons.

THIS has to be my fav picture of all time. I imagine the kids tucked away (....somewhere) and waking to this sea facing view. Though Langkawi is not known for it's beautiful beaches (they are all at the East Coast), but it host some of the top hotels in Malaysia. A small island which you can make a round trip in 1.5 hour. I can stay here forever :)

Thursday, 21 February 2008


Finally found this picture here. It was the wedding of the year. Malaysian diva, Ning Baizura married Omar Sharif. Of all the pictures they had, this particular one was my favourite - both in Jawanese bridal wear, just loved the head gear !!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


The last time I saw them worn was more than 20 years ago. My grandmother who was a Penang Baba Nyonya only wears see through lace kebaya and her sarong. Her kebaya does not have any buttons but is kept together with a kerongsang, a 3 piece jewellery brooch that pins the kebaya together.

The kebaya has gone through much changes but remain the same style and cutting throughout. Nowadays, there's hardly anyone who wears them see through, but Rizalman made this classic kebaya looking like a dream from his 2003 Kerongsang collection.

I still have my grandmother's kebayas. They were hand stitched with beautiful embroidery and they are vintage. Very doubtful if they could fit me now....not unless I shed the few tyres and many kilos...

Below pictures are from Tourism Penang, and it's a down memory lane for me because I remember my paternal grandmother, a Nyonya from Penang wearing one of this kebaya exactly like this. Either in see through lace, or very thin fine organza, muslin or cotton, always showing a hint of the undergarment and worn with a matching sarong.

The beautiful actress Umie Aida, wearing a classic see through lace kebaya and sarong!

Beautiful hand stitched details

This modern see through kebaya was taken from here with the same classic style..what I would do to wear this

A modern kerongsang, always linked with a chain. I remember my grandmother's kerongsang were nothing like this, they were bigger in size, elaborate, intricate and beautiful.

Read all about the Babas and Nyonyas here Tourism Melaka and History of Nyonya Baba (Peranakan) |

Monday, 18 February 2008


I really love RIZALMAN IBRAHIM, our foremost bridal designer. Below are a selection of his beautiful gowns I love. They are typically local Malay baju kurung or kebaya style with a hint of class and modernity.

He makes the normal traditional Malay dresses into beautiful dream bridal gowns.
He makes a normal daily wear dress into a exquisite creation that you cant take your eyes off it.He makes me want to wear one of his creations and I wished I could do it, dont you?

Saturday, 16 February 2008

The SKY BAR, it was awesome !!!

we bribed my mom to take the kids shopping nearby
so we could have some "time off" together
have a nice dinner, strolling around KLCC park
walking from KLCC to Traders Hotel and to have a drink at the SKY BAR

The Twin Tower in the evening

..dancing fountains at KLCC park

...view from our dinner place

...ahh, the SKY BAR

...the picture was not so clear but it was bliss chilling out at Sky Bar

the SKY BAR, not very spacious, smart casual and slippers and short pants were a no no..
..beautiful pool at the middle and anyone can take a dip's roof top open air, so it could be stuffy at times and breezy too
..just relax in one of the enclave near the windows, surrounded by cushions and a killing view of the Twin Tower
.....this picture was taken from our window @ Sky Bar
......not with the most hi-tech camera, so do see previous post for beautiful pics

fast facts on our Twin Tower's tallest builing from 1998 - 2004, until Taipei 101 was out
..88 floors of reinforced concrete steel and glass facade, resembling motifs found in Islamic art
..built on the world's deepest foundation at 120 meter
..below is the famous Suria KLCC shopping paradise and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
..452 meter (1483 feet) high
..and I definitely want to walk on the SKY BRIDGE, that's the bridge connecting both towers :)

so, after dinner, heading back to KLCC and Emporio Armani was doing a huge promo for their new fragrance DIAMONDS and with a gigantic poster of Beyonce Valentines and still in the mood for love, so me - I was lucky, I got the Diamond perfume :)

..and these beautiful images from Pictures and Photos Showcase on Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- Index Page