Saturday, 19 January 2008


I received a mail from Jasni AJ, he is the blog administrator and uncle of Nurin Jazlin, a 8 years old girl which was abducted for 27 days, raped, sodomised and murdered - body released in a bag @ shoplop. The mail was for me to attend the NURIN ALERT meeting which I am supposed to be a member. Just after 100 days, Sharlinie or Ninie was abducted, today coming to the 10th day and no solid leads on her whereabouts. My other blog features Nurin Alert fully but I am now slowing down and really no time. Maintaining a blog like this takes responsibilities as the public read what's being published and I've regular visitors. However, for my current fun-blog, my responsibility is to myself and at my whim and fancies, I have no pressure at all.

Anyway, I will probably sit on the Nurin Alert committee as it is supposed to champion for missing children. This is a very sickening trend in Malaysia - kidnapping children and raping them, or even murdering them too. I never let my kids out of my sight, except for my sicomel - Danial whom was lost for 1 hour outside his school, but that was not on purpose.

NurinAlert is modelled after AMBER ALERT in the USA. Amber Alert is named after Amber Hageerman and 8 year old child whom was also kidnapped, raped and murdered. In the US, they have so many laws to protect children, apart from Amber Alert, there's Megan's law whereby paedophiles and sex offenders are registered with the Police and everyone can check their profile, I sure want to know to know if my neighbours, drivers, staff or the tuition master was and is a sex offender before I send my kids there. Our system is still very loose and children are always the main target.

So, let's see how the committee will work on this. Our Datuk Sahrizat (women and family minister) has given the go ahead and said Yes to NurinAlert, and with Nini missing - the Cabinet have to approve of all the plans.

So, today's Saturday and weekend is here, more cleaning and taking care of the rabbits!! I think we'll let them roam around our garden, its been 3 days since any of us held them and they hop and jump around their cage whenever they see us. This weekend will be more baking of cupcakes and I'm trying out the Choc ganache - whatever the ganache means, and baking is not cheap, a stick of unsalted butter of good quality cost 11.90 plus others etc, easily RM20 - 30. actually, much cheaper to buy.