Friday, 18 January 2008


First day @ school - no problem.

4th day @ school - due to miscommunication, transporter was late for 1 hour, he wandered out of his school to a neighbour's school - La Salle, cried under the hot sun for 1 hour, until an secondary kid took him back to his own school's office.
5th day still ok.
Second week - pure disaster.
First day I had to chase him around the school, like chasing after a chicken ! He was unconsolable he was taken home.
Second day, I had to stay at the school from 7.30am till 12.50pm - not much fun!
3rd day, the teacher had to hold on to him and the guard closed the main gate. From my car, I saw him running with one shoe in his hand and being dragged back to clase later - heart wrenching !
4th day - today, still same old story, crying in school, followed us back to car twice, we had to threatened him of orphanage before dragging him back to class, being hold back by one of the male teacher.
I am still blur over why, must be the trauma of being lost !
He was so traumatized over these few episode that the 2 ringgit he had in his spiderman wallet since 4 days ago was not used. Other mothers told me he would come out of class and begged to use their handphone to call me or the father. He even begged one of the mother to take him back to his house. He's sort of a celebrity now the teachers had a meeting over him 'lost', all the guards know him, all the stay back moms and maids @ the canteen knows him, almost everyone knows him by name, both canteen operators know him, the transporters waiting for other children also know him - Danial the crybaby. So, I made friends with all the stay back moms and maids so they can have an eye on him when I'm not around and they are really helpful. No child cries, whine, scream or scurry around as much as him. Morning sure is hell for both him and us nowadays :(
Next week is into 3rd week and both hubs and me are scratching our heads over what to do !!
So, we keep our fingers and toes crossed !