Saturday, 12 January 2008

Pic @ The Curve

Danial had a haircut recently and I HATED it, it made him look like a samseng actually.
Anyway, hair's growing back slowly and we are all now getting used to waking up @ 6.00 am daily as all are in morning school. Luckily the kiddies have no problem getting up early, though have problem sleeping earlier @ night.
Yesterday, one of the rabbits, Cupcake, died and I had a fever. So, I was worried if I caught any 'disease' from the dead rabbit. So, I searched frantically on the net. Bad news is no much link between dead rabbits and human, good news is I found no news on dead humans due to rabbit disease.
Anyway, I feel real sluggish today and tummy is really upset. I blamed it all on the weight (highest and at it's peak) and sorely lack of exercise. So, i vow to really take up proper 'dieting' and start with my Cranberry juicing next Monday (hopefully) and more exercise. Anyone who sees my gym at home is surprised because it's an expensive piece of equipment and it cost a bomb because it's for professional use, and it's still SEVERELY under-used. So, it's in the room collecting dust and short of being used as a towel rack ! My thrice weekly morning jog with my neighbour has also been cancelled due to the kids morning classes, eating to the max, baking cupcakes, and NO EXERCISE. So, I know my sluggish system is due to all these, and when I sit, I feel the few layers of fats on my belly so it's a sure sign that something is not right.
So, I am not really obese but I am damn sure it's close to that! My Bangkok meeting trip is next month and I really want to lose at least 6 kilos for it. There are hardly any fat people in Bangkok, that and wanting to look nice for a 900 people conference - so vain, but good motivation to shed the excess spare tyres, and I have lots of it everywhere.
Maybe I should do a journo-blog on this? The last time I tried the Detox-Cranberry-protein diet, I lost 4 kilos in one week. Maybe, I can lose 8 kilos in 2 weeks? Haiya, dont dream la...