Monday, 28 January 2008


I went for the Nurin Alert last Friday, met Kamal Afandi, Nuraina, Tembam and Jasni (Nurin Jazlin's uncle) and others as well. Nurin Alert is going full scale now and the recent abduction of Sharlinie has targetted a Nurin Alert indirectly. The committee now formed will be the Citizen for Nurin Alert or C4NA in short. Kamal is Malaysian's well known crime analyst, Nuraina is another well known celebrity blogger Group Editor of Tell Magazine, and Tembam is my favorite blogger. While both Tembam and I have great interest on Nurin Alert and missing children, she is the numero uno in blogging for this issue. I go to her daily on all updates on Nurin Alert, Sharlinie etc.

This is now dangereous time for Malaysia. Nurin's killers are still FREE and there doesnt seem to be a single lead to any capturing therm. Paedoephiles are almost repeat offender and there could be a strong chance that it could be the same killers that abducted Sharlinie. I really hoped not as I dread to even think of the consequences if Sharlinine is in these sickos' hands. 3 weeks has gone and there is still NO LEAD on Sharlinie. When a child goes missing, every seconds count and now 3 weeks, it is really saddening. Children will never be safe and they cannot be left alone.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is just round the corner and while I have a heavy heart on all the celebration while Ninis is still missing, we still have to celebrate no matter what. I see Ninie's picturre on all tolls, on the back of some taxis, outside the children's school and some lamp post and certainly she had the widest coverage ever. However, apart from the publicity, there is still not much help, she is still being captured and we still dont know if she is still alive or not.

While we had family outings and meals together, how is Ninie? What about her parents? The whole Malaysia is looking for her, will her abductors release her back to her family safely? How safe are my chidlren?