Tuesday, 15 January 2008


...sorry if I sounded bragging..my I've got my new DELL XPS M1330 Vista running on 2 gig. My previous 1 year old Compaq was running on 512 MB, 1/4 of current speed. So when I decided for all the Managers to move over to laptops, and we had 3 other new ones, in shade of pink, blue and light green (ya..all females), I opted for the higher range in stunning RED and it came with a black casing, cost a bomb though.

So, I am working on optimum speed (sorry, if you are not lah) and life's less fun until you are working on a 2 G. I have been yearning for the Vista since a year ago and I vouch that Vista is cool, lots of additional cosmetic make up compared to the previous microsoft XP and uploading pictures in only seconds !!

your PC, time for a change hah ??