Tuesday, 8 January 2008

backtracking to bangkok

OK, its going backwards to december 07, to my trip to Bangkok. I love Bangkok. I LOVE THE FOOD, its tomyam kung 2 times a day, I'd have it 3 times if possible but they dont serve for breakfast. This year, hubs and I went twice and the december trip was unplanned as "big boss" son got married at the Shang so he tagged along. I love Siam Paragon, its the MidValley or Pavillion of KL, very high end and expensive. Here's where I go for my knick knacks, scrapbooking stuff (anything but clothes as it's damn expensive). Outside Paragon department - dont dream about it unless you want to shop for Chanel and Hermes), but I love the GOURMET MARKET at basement. They have spread of foodstuff I've never seen before, even Cold Storage is nothing compared to this.