Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I love everything Thai, so when I read that the Jim Thompson's MY THAI restaurant in Kuala Lumpur was rated as one of the top 10 restaurant here, I just had to pop over and have lunch. No trip to Thailand is complete unless you visit the Jim Thompson's shop. You'll find beautiful and exquisite silk of every design there. You can read more about Jim Thompson on my previous post about his Thai house here.

Typical Thai decor was everywhere. Bells are found in temples and everywhere else, and on the right, a close up of the bell which has elephant carving. Elephants are considered sacred animals to Thais and there are many images of the elephants everywhere in Thailand.

This was used to pound chillis and mix salad. While Malaysians use the granite mortar and pestel, Thais use the wooden version most of the time.

More Thai decor at the entrance to MY THAI.

And food...I can eat Tom Yum soup everyday. I eat lots of Thai food so my expectation was high, but this was quite close to the authentic Thai food. From top, you'll just have to eat Tom Yum soup, hot and spicy and no toned down version. The drink was pure blended coconut juice and is great when you eat something as hot as Thai. Finally, my son can eat as hot as us and here he is, slurping down the balance of the Tom Yum :D

Outside KL city at one of the busiest cross section..

We have just returned from our trip to the East Coast and I leave you with some of favourite pictures. The chalet we stayed at in one of the islands, the white mosque, batik painting which is the heart of Trengganu state and another fav flower, canna.

Well, it's only a few days after Christmas and some of the shopping centres are changing from their 'winter white' decor to something red and soon, we will see red in every shopping mall. Took this photo from a newspaper advert and the entire month of January 2009 will be another busy month for us as festivities continue for the Chinese New Year. Lots of things to do, more shopping and merry making.
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and may 2009 brings you lots of joy and happiness.

Bye for now.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Firstly, Merry Christmas everyone :)

We had been busy travelling to the highlands, back to KL and then off again to the East Coast this weekend for a final break before school start. The trip to Cameron gave me an overdose of these..

Can anyone ever grow tired looking at these exotic orchids and this particular plant was not sale.

Or these spider lily orchids?

..and I love these many but which one to buy?

I really don't think I can survive winter anywhere. The weather was only 18 celcius and it was too cold for me. So, sipping hot tea and eating scones was fun, especially when you have a view like this.

..and this, the Bharat Tea plantation

Back to Kuala Lumpur for some last minute shopping at KLCC and what have I found..the reindeer flew over here

It was 36 celcius outside but both snowman and snowflake wanted to contribute too

 this 6 storey tall Christmas tree at KLCC..

Another Christmas tree outside Pavillion Mall next to Coach.

Dell's decor for Christmas outside Pavillion.

My mom had a new and smaller Christmas tree which changes colour every minute decorated with crystals..

While the children were excited counting presents under the tree, I was fascinated by mom's new ornaments..

Here are my two SSS for this week.
The Gap store in KLCC..

..and the next time we play Shadow shots again, it will be in year 2009, so here's Elmo saying goodbye to 2008.

Don't forget to hop over to Hey Harriet to see the rest of the shooters.

Much love...always..

Blogging had been super fun this year but most importantly, I have found new friends and everyone is special and unique. This is my 150th post and with more than 20000 visits and countless comments, I am truly grateful for the friendship. That someone took the trouble to visit me, write a comment and that I got the chance to learn something from each person. So, THANK YOU very much for your friendship and here's wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and year younger.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Saturday, 20 December 2008


Pictures were taken during my trip to the Cultural Village at Kuching, Sarawak this year. Also known as the land of the headhunters. Dancers joining in for the SSS.

Hop over to our host, Hey Harriet to see other wonderful shooters.

Have a great weekend everyone, and here's wishing all my wonderful friends an early Merry Christmas.

Big hugs to all and much love, M

Monday, 15 December 2008


A trip to Mid Valley here and everywhere shown Christmas mood is in fully swing :) Though not celebrated by all but it's a public holiday and all malls are taking full advantage of everyone buying something for someone during this festival. Here's Eli at the Mid Valley Megamall taken last Friday.

We went to the Seri Penang at Ikea Centre last Saturday for dinner. It was a Nyonya restaurant and Nyonya means Chinese whom migrated to Malaysia a long time ago and adopted the local Malay culture. Their food are not typical Chinese food but hot, spicy and a blend of Malay ingredients. My maternal grandmother was a Nyonya from Penang and a very good cook and Nyonyas (female) are found mainly in both Penang and Malacca. I like this traditional Nyonya basket, here's a close up.

The restaurant had an entire wall of these red and gold baskets.

A Nyonya rattan basket with sakura flowers on a vintage chest and a framed gold threaded batik in a private room.

And food! From top left clockwise..vegetable curry, seafood tom yum (which is Thai actually), lamb cutlet with spices and pineapple beef.

Chicken wrapped with pandanus leaf, mango salad, yin-yang fish which came steamed one side and fried the other.

A decor at the restaurant, claypot on a traditional mom still uses that charcoal stove to boil soup everyday.

While in Ikea, I bought this all time favourite indoor plant called the lotus bamboo, here seen at home. All it needs is water and it last the whole year long.

Finally a TAG from my good friend Willow of WILLOW'S COTTAGE.
The rules were:
Pick the 4th picture from your 4th folder, post and explain it. It was longer but I shortened it :)

This picture was taken during Deepavali, it shows a little Indian girl dancing the Bharata Natyam, a traditional Indian dance. I recorded the video but as usual loading takes a long time, if anyone is interested and I'll post it :D

Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet at my home.

A peek into the lotus pond.

My pet koi fish transfered here for the sake of a SSS.

More water plants outside the home.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I am absolutely missing Bangkok. The food, the people, the culture, I just love everything about the Thais. It is a shopping heaven for everything Asian and if I have a chance to live out of Malaysia, I'll live in Thailand.

I am doing a feature on photographer Christopher Dai and below temple pictures belong to him, used with his permission. You can go to Christopher' Photostream to see his beautiful photos on Bangkok and Malaysia too, or hop on to his blog here to read about his experiences in Bangkok. Thanks Chris for sharing the photos.

The following photos are the Temple of Wat Arun, one place I missed during my previous trips.

Wat Arun - also known as Temple of Dawn.

Those 'prang' or towers represents Mount Meru and legend believe it to be the home to their Gods. FYI, the 5 peaks of Angkor Wat also represented Mount Meru.

It was built by Rama II in the early 19th century, during the Ayuthaya period. Ayuthaya is the old name Thailand's capital.

It's architecture was a blend of Khmer (Cambodian) and Thai.

I think I can explore here forever!! Just love the details..

A trip to Thailand is never complete without seeing those saffron clothed monks, you'll see them everywhere.

Arun comes from the name Aruna, the Indian God of dawn. Again do note that just like Cambodia, these temples were built under the influence of Hindu architechture before Buddhism was embraced.

Meanwhile over here, we've had one of the worst monsoon rain ever. Malaysians woke up to news of heavy rain, landslides, more deaths of people buried, missing, damaged homes and cars and with thousands evacuated. Picture and more story courtesy of The Star Online

For December this year, we'll have the most public holidays with 4 in total, inclusive of Christmas, but there's nowhere to go with flash floods everywhere. This week started with Monday and Thursday as holidays and yesterday it rained the whole day, turning my garden into a mini-pool :(

The shopping malls were packed to the max as if everything was for free so we hibernated at home and played with some henna. Here's the result, the first picture belongs to Danial..a reminder of this 2 favourite movies, Ghostrider and Spiderman.

Have a good week everyone :D