Thursday, 13 December 2007


We went to THE DATAI hotel for a looksy looksy. Not really my cup of tea but it's really for nature lover. The moment you are out of the car, you are transported back to nature, you'll hear nothing but the sounds of the jungle, birds, monkeys all sort, in fact I couldnt really figure out what are the sounds - but its loud and clear, exactly when you are in a jungle and rainforest to be exact!

This is one of the expensive hotels (apart from Tanjung Rhu and 4 seasons). You;ll see villas perched among rainforest, and the hotel is quite high and far from the beach. It had a stunning view from lobby and there were so few people staying there! So few that the moment we walked in the lobby, they came to us asking whether we had reservation, we need any help, and promptly guided us to the reception. I had a feeling they dont really welcome walk in guests like us, so to keep it more exclusive for those residing there. ...and of course, you'll see the really rich people there, those reeking with $$$ decked branded head to toe, to it's off for us to somewhere a little more down to earth :P