Thursday, 13 December 2007


Another must do, see and eat @ Langkawi ! Barn Thai restaurant boast that it's probably the first restaurant in the Mangrove swamp - could'nt agree more !! When we arrived, we could not see the restaurant, only the signboard and no cars. A quick check with somoeone lazing on a bench and we were told, walk 10 minutes, 650 meters into the mangrove and you'll find it. Mom was worried as you see nothing but mangroves and monkeys all over, but I persevered as I didn't want to miss this out and tummy's rumbling anyway. So, in we walked (seemed like eternity actually) among the mangroves and monkeys and not a single person in sight! There's lots of very old trees with roots partly submerged in water - not a familiar scene in KL but what the heck! no turning back at this point.