Monday, 17 December 2007

XMAS 2007

I really love Xmas, it's that special time of the year. It's a time for HOPE, PEACE and GLAD TIDINGS to everyone. It's the time for shopping and I really love shopping complexes, not so much for the offers but really for its decor. While I do not celebrate it myself but mom and the rest of the clans does, so Xmas is a great time. A time for forgiveness and a time for make up for whatever grievances if we had with others, it's really like Raya with the Maaf Zahir Batin gestures.

My best Xmas was last year as it was a reunion with someone very dear and special.

Thursday, 13 December 2007


After 4 days of break, it was back to KUL for all of us and we were looking forward to it. 4 days and 3 nights were just nice for us as we more or less completed the entire Langkawi tour. We didnt go to the beach but we'll pass this time as I am sure it's not as great as Perhentian. Duty free is good for those who drink and smoke, so it's not for us. The only thing cheap was the branded sports shoes, so we bought a pair of Nike casual loafers for Emi @ RM109, at KUL it should be at least RM150 and above. Seafood was not really cheap but it was FRESH. It's a great place to chill out and relax.
I am now looking forward to my next trip, Bangkok, just few days before Xmas to attend someone's wedding, more eating and shopping minus the kids this time, just hubs and me :)

inside BARN THAI

This tree is INSIDE Barn Thai and just next to our table, it's not outside. I am sure they built the restaurant on purpose around this tree and it's very naturistic. I was kinda transported to another world for a short period. The food were usual Barn Thai stuff, it was OK and tasted good to the few hungry people like us. There were few people only and I wondered how they came as there were no cars outside. Then we realised that they came by boat, part of the mangrove tour they took complete with buffet lunch @ Barn Thai. I think it's a must try, considering it's prob the only restaurant among mangroves swamp !! Dont expect fancy 5 star restaurant though but it will be a great experience :)


Another must do, see and eat @ Langkawi ! Barn Thai restaurant boast that it's probably the first restaurant in the Mangrove swamp - could'nt agree more !! When we arrived, we could not see the restaurant, only the signboard and no cars. A quick check with somoeone lazing on a bench and we were told, walk 10 minutes, 650 meters into the mangrove and you'll find it. Mom was worried as you see nothing but mangroves and monkeys all over, but I persevered as I didn't want to miss this out and tummy's rumbling anyway. So, in we walked (seemed like eternity actually) among the mangroves and monkeys and not a single person in sight! There's lots of very old trees with roots partly submerged in water - not a familiar scene in KL but what the heck! no turning back at this point.


This is my fav pic and post. We went to GALLERY PERDANA. It houses all the gifts that Tun Dr. M had received during his 22 (I think) years as PM. ..and yes, they do need a gallery for all his stuff because the collection was massive. Lots of souveniers from almost every country, all tagged and labelled, showcased for public. This shot was taken from the 1st floor of the gallery, looking down it was a huge empty area and the kids had a great time clowning around :P


We went to THE DATAI hotel for a looksy looksy. Not really my cup of tea but it's really for nature lover. The moment you are out of the car, you are transported back to nature, you'll hear nothing but the sounds of the jungle, birds, monkeys all sort, in fact I couldnt really figure out what are the sounds - but its loud and clear, exactly when you are in a jungle and rainforest to be exact!

This is one of the expensive hotels (apart from Tanjung Rhu and 4 seasons). You;ll see villas perched among rainforest, and the hotel is quite high and far from the beach. It had a stunning view from lobby and there were so few people staying there! So few that the moment we walked in the lobby, they came to us asking whether we had reservation, we need any help, and promptly guided us to the reception. I had a feeling they dont really welcome walk in guests like us, so to keep it more exclusive for those residing there. ...and of course, you'll see the really rich people there, those reeking with $$$ decked branded head to toe, to it's off for us to somewhere a little more down to earth :P


A MUST VISIT, MUST DO - for all visiting Langkawi. It was great fun for the kids, they even had South African penguins but not those from the North Pole - too hot here I guess, for the penguins that is.

When we think of Langkawi, other than the beaches, this is one their famous landmark, so the visit was worth it and for children - any trip that has pets will always be a hit.

Here taking pics with the storks

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


This has to be one my fav pic, with Danial running towards me and the sun, sea and beach behind. As he grows up so fast, I am coming to terms that he's a BIG BOY now, way after toddler or pre-school, way into Year 1. He's the most discipline lot among his siblings. Becoming less and less manja, and growing up real fast ! Hmmm...what's life without my kids, no life I guess. So, I remind myself to be thankful always that I have them, tantrums and all.

Monday, 3 December 2007


Taken from our boat, Tuna Express. Approaching Tuna Bay, probably the most canggih place to stay @ Perhentian. Beautiful beach, clear sands and water, and ah...swimming with the fishes near the beach, life's truly a beach :)